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Research conducted in 2011 showed that “There has been a 29% increase in companies accessing CV databases since last year”. Simultaneously it was found that “company’s own websites were the most heavily used source of information for candidates when searching for a job”. Though it was not explicitly stated, there is good reason to believe that the latter especially applies to qualified candidates.

Recruitment Portals are becoming the forum where prospective employers and employees meet. To accommodate this market trend, TalenTech offers one of the best, if not the best, Recruitment Management Systems (RMS) available. Apart from the fact that our RMS is fast, user friendly with a clean interface and that cutting-edge technology was used with the development, it offers a unique set of features that will empower HR Departments to cost-effectively match personnel requirements with the best knowledge and skills the market has to offer. Our RMS is the ideal tool to find and channel excellence to high performance companies.


Quality is the name of the game and will always put you one step ahead of your competitors. Access our candidate portal to search for qualified candidates (certificate, diploma, degree) on software that offers unique filtering tools. You need not labour for hours through hundreds of CV’s to find the most suitable candidate.

Our agreements with tertiary institutions enable us to funnel highly qualified candidates originating from areas of excellence to players in industry in search of excellence. Tertiary institutions also benefit from this relationship by earning revenue and being in a better position to meet social responsibility requirements.

Access to our portal of qualified candidates is at this point in time offered for free  when buying our Recruitment Management System.


There are the so-called “High Flyers”, who never experience the need to upload their personal profiles on a portal or to visit a recruiter. It is also possible that you, for whatever reason e.g. the number, level or sophistication of appointments, might require the services of a recruitment agency. Should this be the case, TalenTech should be your service provider of choice.

Vision, Mission and Values


TalenTech, as Recruitment Service Provider, seeks to be the preferred human capital resource for companies as well as the preferred gateway for the career advancement of candidates with a post-matric qualification.


The two-tiered TalenTech vision will be achieved by continuously researching, developing and maintaining best-of-breed technology that will empower Corporate HR Managers to optimally deploy the most valuable natural resource of South Africa namely its human capital. We will do this by continuously:

  • Service excellence to corporate Human Resource Managers to utilise our cutting-edge technology to its fullest potential enabling them to build a corporate database of excellence that will match employer needs optimally and cost-effectively with the best skills, knowledge and qualifications offered in the market place.
  • Improving on the accuracy, ease, speed and cost with which HR Managers can recruit, select and appoint employees.
  • Broadening the scope and depth of services and career related information provided to Candidates.
  • Aligning with tertiary institutions to create a mechanism enabling their students/alumni to submit detailed CV’s with verified qualifications directly to the doorstep of companies in South Africa.


We aim to promote organisational goals congruent with the following values:

  • Integrity: To be guided by the highest standards of integrity in all business dealings with clients, candidates, other contributing parties and TalenTech personnel.
  • Accuracy: In the complex discipline of Human Resources Management, utilise every possible knowledge resource and system to maintain the highest standards of accuracy of information.
  • Improvement:We exist primarily to improve on the quality of our services and technology, to fulfill our own potential and to become better than we were yesterday.
  • Excellence: We are passionate to demonstrate our pride in excellence of our workmanship, thereby contributing to the success of clients, candidates and other parties involved.

Contact Us

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 29 La Bellucia, Honeydew, 2040

POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 3258, Honeydew, 2040

TELEPHONE: +27 (0)11 856 4400

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE: www.talentech.co.za




IF YOU WISH TO SUBSCRIBE TO TalenTech: [email protected]

Should you wish to register a formal complaint or compliment about our service, please submit an e-mail to [email protected]

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