Access to information

PAIA (The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000) gives you the right of access to any information held by the State or by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. This means you can request access to information held by public bodies, as well as from a natural or juristic person (private body). In the case of a request for access to information held by a natural or juristic person, you have to indicate that the information requested is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.

The right of access to information is your right in terms of section 32 of the Constitution and PAIA gives effect to section 32 by amongst others:

  1. providing and detailing the procedures that must be followed in order to make a request for information;
  2. stating from whom you can make a request;
  3. detailing the duties of the bodies, from whom you have made a request;
  4. describing what information can be requested;
  5. describing when the requested information must / may be refused;
  6. describing what mechanisms and procedures are available to you if your request for access to information is refused.

What is TalenTech (Pty) limited?

TalenTech (Pty) Limited was established in 2010 as a Private Company with a vision to develop a search engine for career placements which will be a South African based world class resource centre for job seekers, companies and recruitment agencies. Innovation clearly characterises this search engine as it was designed to address a number of needs which exist in the market which have not been adequately explored before.

About this manual

The manual describes the categories of information that TalenTech possesses, and the procedures to be followed in order to gain access to the information.

Copies of the manual are available on TalenTech’s corporate website at in both text and PDF formats. Copies may also be requested by contacting TalenTech.

Contact details of the private body

Internet Web Site:
e-Mail Address:  [email protected]
Postal Address:  PO Box 3258, Honeydew, 2040
Physical Address:  29 La Bellucia, Honeydew, 2040
Telephone:  +2782 375 3191
CEO:  [email protected]

Access to manual

A Guide has been compiled in terms of Section 10 of PAIA by the Human Rights Commission. It contains information required by a person wishing to exercise any right contemplated by PAIA, and is available in all of the official languages.

The Guide is available for inspection, inter alia, at the offices of the Human Rights Commission at 29 Princess of Wales Terrace, C/o York and St. Andrews Street, Parktown and on its website at

Records automatically available - section 52(2)

The following records are available in terms of other legislation:

  1. Any information publicly available on the corporate web site at
  2. The corporate profile
  3. Marketing brochures
  4. Information brochures

Records available in terms of other legistation - section 51(1)(D)

No formal notices have been published in terms of Section 52(2) of PAIA. However, several information items are automatically available without a person having to request access in terms of PAIA:

  1. The Labour Relations Act
  2. The Employment Equity Act
  3. Basic Conditions of Employment
  4. Other items available on request

Records available in terms of PAIA - section 51(1)(E)

Several information items are available to persons requesting information in terms of, and via procedures laid down by, PAIA:

Companies act

  1. Documents of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings
  4. Share and other statutory Registers

Human resources

  1. Recruitment Policy
  2. Contract of Employment
  3. Remuneration Agreement
  4. Confidentiality Agreement
  5. Leave Records


  1. Annual Financial Statements
  2. Tax Returns
  3. Asset Register
  4. Rental Agreements
  5. Invoices

Income Tax and related

  1. PAYE Records
  2. Employee Income Tax documents
  3. Records of payments made to SARS on behalf of employees
  4. Other statutory compliances including VAT records, Regional Services levies, Skills Development levies, UIF and Workmen’s Compensation

Operational Records

  1. Operational Usage Reports
  2. Candidate Proof of Release and Indemnity
  3. Candidate Background Screening Reports

Requesting Information in terms of PAIA

Please use the TalenTech contact details provided earlier to request the relevant information required. Please ensure that you provide us with the following contact details: Your telephone number; your postal address; your e-mail address (if available).