Get Ahead Of The Trend:  Jump Start a New Way To Source Your Staff

Companies show a significant trend to build/recruit their own candidate portals of very high quality as this shortens the turn-around time of appointments, improve quality of appointments and save the company time and money. The TalenTech Recruitment Management System will empower you to optimally match corporate needs and requirements cost-effectively with the best skills, knowledge and qualifications offered in the market place. See below some of the unique and distinguishing features this excellent product offers.

Easy Recruitment Management

“Employer’s own websites were the most heavily used source of information for candidates when searching for a job” (SAGRA Candidate Survey, 2009). To have access to and appoint the “best of these visitors”, companies need a Recruitment Management System where candidates can upload their CV’s to be searched and filtered. Populate your database with the best possible candidates that is fully accessible in the minimum time to ensure the best possible appointment. Never ever again do you need to be burdened with stacks of hard copy CV’s!

Sophisticated Selection Management

The TalenTech RMS offers exciting and powerful filtering tools that will save you time and effort in searching through large numbers of applications. Features inter ala include Advanced Search, Comparative Display, Online Interview. Click here to request that we contact you to make an appointment to demonstrate the unique features of our RMS.

Skinned To Your Brand

The TalenTech RMS will be skinned to your brand .

Intra-Corporate Appointments

Advertise vacancies to own personnel and manage applications effectively utilising the full spectrum of filtering tools to ensure transparency and fair appointments based on merit.

Intra-Corporate Communication

The clever utilisation of a Content Management System with the RMS allows for easy intra-corporate communication:

  • E-Mails to selected groupings or all of your personnel.
  • Bulletin Board: Keep your personnel informed on official and social corporate issues by means of announcements on the Bulletin Board.
  • Information Dissemination: Publish articles, professional clarifications, papers read at conferences, etc. for selected groupings or all personnel.

Personnel Database

Have a detailed and easily accessible database of personnel biographical information, qualifications, work experience, skills, etc.

Data Base Hosting

At no extra cost your database will be hosted by TalenTech with our service provider, one of the most reliable networks in SA, ensuring fast service, minimum downtime and very high levels of security.

Earn Revenue

Should companies wish to access your database, you have the option to register and allow them access at a fee pre-determined by yourself.

Qualified Candidate Portal

For the companies that prefer not to build and run their own candidate portals, TalenTech has the solution.  You will be hugely impressed with the speed, ease of use, versatility and clean interface of the TalenTech Portal Software.  However, you will surely jump for joy when experiencing the benefits and features highlighted below:

Qualified Candidates

TalenTech focuses on the niche market sector of qualified candidates (certificate, diploma, degree) or students working towards a qualification. Our agreements with tertiary institutions empower us to provide access to their alumni and students registered on our data pool.

Selection Management

Database searches very often leave the user with an unacceptably large pool of CV’s to work through before a final selection can be made. This is a time-consuming, frustrating and to a certain extent unpleasant exercise. The TalenTech RMS has powerful filtering tools that will empower you to effectively screen and select the candidate(s) most suitable to your requirements: Examples of the filtering tools are The Customised Advanced Search Function; Comparative Display; Online Interview, etc.

Job Advertisement

Post unlimited job ads.

Cost Saving

TalenTech offers a highly competitive pricing structure, e.g. the fee charged in the market place for the appointment of an entry level manager equals the annual subscription fee for TalenTech, allowing unlimited data base searches and advertisements.

Recruitment Services

You might wish to employ a so called “High Flyer”. Because they are so sought after, they never experience the need to upload their personal profiles on a portal or to visit a recruiter.   It is also possible that you, for whatever reason that might include the number, level or sophistication of appointments, require the services of a recruitment agency.  Should that be the case, TalenTech should for the following reasons provided below be your service provider.

Cost Saving

As we deal with high volumes at TalenTech and recruitment is not our core business, we can afford a significant discount in the recruitment fee charged.

Unique Candidate Set

Because of the cooperation agreements we have with tertiary institutions and because our focus is qualified candidates, we offer a unique database of candidates that differs significantly from that of other service providers.

Career Portal Features Apply

The software features highlighted elsewhere and the benefits offered all apply. An online interview with a shortlisted candidate can therefore be easily arranged.

How To Register With TalenTech


The subscription fee is based on the number of users in the company. Contact us at [email protected] or +2782 375 3191 to provide you with the latest fee structure.

How To Register

  • Click here to request that we contact you to make an appointment to demonstrate the unique features of our RMS
  • Contact a marketer at [email protected] or +2782 375 3191 to make an appointment with you.

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