Terms of use

  1. Preamble: This section is intended to explain the terms and conditions under which you may use this Website. Please read the following paragraphs carefully. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must not use this Website. By using the Website and associated services, you are indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions and are therefore bound to the stipulations that follow.Please note that the terms “you” and “user” in this text refer to any individual, group, entity, company or recruitment agency using this Website, while “we”, “us” and “our” is used to refer to TalenTech. “Candidates” refer to job seekers and students registered with TalenTech. “Companies” and “recruitment” agencies refer to clients registered with TalenTech.
  2. How this facility works: TalenTech essentially provides a database consisting of CV’s and résumé of candidates or job seekers who are registered and listed with us. This database can be accessed and used by companies and recruitment agencies that search for suitable candidates in order to facilitate or make placements.Companies and recruitment agencies:
    1. Registered with TalenTech are entitled to access the database which enables them to search for suitable candidates with the view to offering employment, bursaries, holiday work, and internships. Such opportunities can also be advertised by companies and recruitment agencies.
    2. Registered with TalenTech are entitled to advertise positions which need to be filled on the TalenTech Website. Candidates who register with TalenTech can be notified by email or other means of vacancies which are advertised and which may suit their needs.
    3. Apply to TalenTech for registration and if approved, they obtain a confidential username and password which enable them to access the Website. In essence companies and recruitment agencies focus on matching their placement needs with the needs of job seekers.

    TalenTech can also inform companies and recruitment agencies of candidates who have become available in the advertisers’ fields of preferred placements.

    Companies and recruitment agencies advertise on TalenTech‘s Website as follows:

    1. Those that have subscribed for the broader spectrum of services offered by TalenTech for a contractually agreed upon period of time, may advertise their services and/or products as well as vacancies within the company job seekers can apply for.
    2. Those that prefer to only advertise their products and/or services as well as vacancies they wish to fill for a specified period namely 3 (three), 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months.
  3. Disclaimer
    1. TalenTech, its associates as well as other third parties mentioned on the Website are in no event and under no circumstances liable for damages resulting from the use, inability to use, or abuse of the Website.
    2. TalenTech does not warrant that the Website will operate error free or virus free despite the company’s efforts to eliminate such problems on a continuous basis. In the event of damage to your computer system as a result of using the Website, TalenTech will not be responsible for direct or indirect costs or losses incurred as a result thereof.
    3. TalenTech provides a service to job seekers and companies/recruitment agencies but is not responsible for any agreements entered into by users of this Website. TalenTech’s role is therefore clearly the provision of information in the field of career opportunities. This role must not be confused with that of users of our Website such as candidates, advertisers and employers or possible agreements these parties may enter into.
    4. The use of TalenTech‘s Website is offered on an “as is” basis without warranties of any nature. Although everything possible is done to ensure that the information provided is correct and up to date, TalenTech does not warrant that this is in fact the case and TalenTech therefore does not accept liability for any damages of any nature whatsoever, or howsoever caused as a result of the information provided, including, but not limited to the availability or suitability of candidates, the correctness of job advertisements, the correctness of any information on the Website, the withdrawal of any information from the Website, or as a result of being unable to access the Website or data base for any reason.
  4. Intellectual property rights: TalenTech reserves all intellectual property rights pertaining to its Website and retains the rights of other parties using this Website within the framework of existing South African legislation. Copyright, trademarks, logo’s, patents and trade secrets are reserved by TalenTech as well as advertisers who use the Website. Use of the Website does not imply that any licensing agreements are granted. Such agreements will be negotiated separately with TalenTech and other third parties if requested by users.
  5. Terms applicable to companies and recruitment agencies: Contractual agreements will be concluded between TalenTech on the one hand and companies as well as recruitment agencies respectively on the other hand covering all relevant aspects.
  6. Terms applicable to candidates: All applications for employment are administered free of charge (see item 2: “How this facility works”).
  7. Conditions applicable to all users i.e. candidates (job seekers), companies and recruitment agencies. You agree to:
    1. adhere to all applicable laws in the South African legislative framework and system;
    2. the fact that the laws of South Africa governs your participation in TalenTech‘s activities which for example includes adherence to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Equity Act;
    3. unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of South Africa respect all intellectual property rights relating to the material and content on our Website;
    4. (if you are a candidate) provide TalenTech with accurate, verifiable and truthful information in your CV, résumé and associated material when registering with TalenTech;
    5. (if you are an advertiser) edit all advertisements as soon as it is published on the Website in order to ensure accurate and truthful information as TalenTech does not accept any liability for errors in this regard;
    6. the removal or rejection of advertisements as well as material such as CV’s for any reason within our sole discretion;
    7. take all reasonable precautionary measures to ensure that the digital material you submit to TalenTech is free from viruses, codes and other destructive objects and programmes;
    8. have sufficient protective software installed in your computer system to address security requirements as well as secure backups to maintain your system;
    9. refrain from transferring any rights , privileges and obligations to any other individual or party without consulting with and obtaining written approval from TalenTech;
    10. accept that TalenTech does not allow you to use our Website and system to market services to us.

    You indemnify TalenTech against:

    1. all actions, claims, law suits, liabilities and expenses which result from the placement of an advertisement or the registration of your CV or résumé on our Website;
    2. any wrongful conduct of companies, recruitment agencies or candidates who are registered with TalenTech and who have approved access to the CV and résumé material on our Website;
    3. any loss or damage which results from a delay or failure in TalenTech‘s attempts to deliver an application for employment to an advertiser or any loss or damage due to TalenTech‘s failure to display advertisements;
    4. any loss which results from the interruption or failure of our services due to repairs and maintenance covering electrical, technological, computer hardware, software and systems problems;
    5. damages incurred as a result of the unlawful copying or distribution of your CV and résumé from our Website or the unlawful use of material advertisers placed on the Website;
    6. any liabilities resulting from actual, perceived or alleged breach of any law or contracts in relation to the services rendered by us;
    7. any claims for damages related to the unintended disclosure of personal information to third parties which may occur without the consent of the user.

TalenTech reserves the right to review and change its terms and conditions from time to time. You are therefore requested to read and review this document from time to time.

We can be contacted at the following:

  • Telephone: +2782 375 3191
  • Physical:   29 La Bellucia, Honeydew, 2040
  • e-Mail:   [email protected]