Where to Study

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

At NMMU we advocate the importance of life-long learning - an education for life. As a leading institution recognised nationally and internationally, and with partners in the private as well as in the public sectors, NMMU has distinguished itself as an institution that will not only put you in touch with the latest trends and developments in your career, but will help you reach your full potential and assist in making your dreams and aspirations become a reality.

Whether you are pursuing an academic or professional career, aiming for success in the private or public sector, or just want to add value to your personal development, postgraduate studies offer the opportunity to deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills, to specialise and to focus on what interests you.

A relevant postgraduate qualification is becoming increasingly valuable in the employment market. International trends indicate that more graduates are competing for fewer jobs. Job opportunities in many sectors of the economy have become highly competitive, and a postgraduate qualification sets you apart from the rest. Supported by career experience, a relevant postgraduate qualification gives you the competitive edge and will surely contribute to promotional opportunities in your career.

Distinguish yourself by not only pushing the boundaries of your current body of knowledge but also by refining your intellectual capacity. Enroll for a postgraduate programme and become part of the intellectual stronghold that contributes to the global accumulation and application of knowledge.

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North-West University

The spirit of the North-West University is reflected in the way it unlocks the future for people and enables them to find their place in the world.

This spirit runs across all our activities and operations, from our academic offerings to the research we conduct, to our management model, campus structure, student body, community engagement and sports achievements.

An Institutional Office and three campuses in two provinces

The North-West University (NWU) officially came into being on 1 January 2004. It was part of the national government’s broader plan to transform higher education, with the aim of using resources more effectively and addressing past imbalances.

The NWU is a unitary multi-campus institution with campuses spread across two provinces. These are the Potchefstroom and Mafikeng Campuses in North West and the Vaal Triangle Campus in Gauteng. The Institutional Office (head office) is situated in Potchefstroom in close proximity to the Potchefstroom Campus. Each campus has its unique characteristics.

The Mafikeng Campus, for instance, is located in the capital of the North West Province and boasts an international ambience, with 414 international students from 27 different countries enrolled there in 2012.

The Potchefstroom Campus, which is the largest and oldest NWU campus, is situated in the historic university town of Potchefstroom. Although the majority of full-time undergraduate classes are conducted in Afrikaans, various measures are in place to facilitate and enhance access and success, for instance educational interpreting services into English in certain niche teaching programmes.

Situated on the banks of the Vaal River in a proclaimed nature reserve, the Vaal Triangle Campus, with its diverse population, boasts a unique environmental setting, with various species of game roaming the campus grounds.

Postgraduate recruitment

The university is broadening its pool of research skills by actively recruiting greater numbers of master’s and doctoral students. In 2011, 2 774 students were registered for master’s and 959 for doctoral studies.

Increased postgraduate funding

Master’s students at the NWU can qualify for bursaries worth R22 000, while doctoral students qualify for R48 000 plus an additional R11 000, subject to certain conditions. In 2011, the University had 89 postdoctoral students from countries such as India, Finland, Hungary, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Germany and a number of African countries.

Developing critical skills for the country

The university focuses on developing scarce and strategic skills:

  • The NWU is the only university to offer a Master of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering, and also - from 2013 - a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology.
  • The NWU is currently the only university in the country with an accredited IKS teaching programme at both under- and postgraduate level.
  • The NWU has the largest open distance learning teacher education unit in the country and offers education programmes for already employed teachers. In 2011, the NWU awarded 7 357 education qualifications, the majority to teachers who are looking to improve their qualifications.

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Potchefstroom Academy

• Diploma in Interior Decorating and Design (2 years full time)
• Higher Diploma in Interior Decorating and Design (3 year full time)
• Diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy (2 years full time)
• Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology (2 years full time)
• Diploma Therapeutic Massage (2 years full time)
• Diploma in Health and Skincare (2 years full time)
• Advanced Diploma in Somatology (3rd year full time)


• Certificate in Cosmetology (1 year full time)
• Certificate in Ladies’ Hairdressing, level 2, 3 and 4 (2 years full time)
Various short courses (part-time):

  • Nail technology
  • Hairdressing
  • Make-up artistry
  • Skincare
  • Massage
  • Photography
  • Interior decorating

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